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Santa Claus
Product Code: 38944
Brand: Interdesign
48.96 $
EXW 43 €
Material birch plywood, polymer film, protective varnish
The weight 4,28 kg
Overall dimensions 91,5х105,0 cm

Santa Claus  is a bright decoration for the organization of winter performances and a spectacular New Year's photo zone.

Pay attention that this decoration is multi-functional: on the back side there is a kind goblin (tree pixie) with a basket of cones. Thus, you can use the scenery not only for Christmas and New Year, but also in other performances!

The tree pixie’s cones are removable (on magnets), which can be interestingly played in children's holiday performances.

You will definitely appreciate it: - natural high-quality materials - original and stable supports - a fabulous attractive design - easy installation (without glue, self-tapping screws, tools) - easy storage (unassembled thickness - 6 mm). Combine all options and create your own Christmas fairy-tale!

Pay attention to the service "Individual design project" - our designers will be glad to help you to make your own ideas come true, and they will create any decorations on order.

Complete set: 2 sided Santa Claus, support (2psc), decorative element (2psc), cones on magnets (11psc)

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