Designing and furnishing of developing
playing interior for children

We can surprise!

We can surprise!

Our wide range of new decorations hasn’t left indifferent any child! But the gingerbread man's new functional house made a hit with everyone aged from 3 to 80!

The house has an external and internal part, magnetic elements that allow you to make the interior of the house in Christmas style and easily change the seasons.
In addition, now the Gingerbread Man's House can be used not only for the design of children's performances, the house has also become a game!

A cupboard with dishes and a fridge with products that open and close can be found in the house, so you can play role-playing games with them - to receive guests, to play in the kitchen, cafe, shop.
The opening shutters turned the house into an excellent playhouse for the puppet theater.

You’ll appreciate our new multifunctional gingerbread man’s house!