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Multifunctional decoration house
Product Code: 38935
Brand: Interdesign
475.46 $
EXW 190 €
Material birch plywood, polymer film, protective varnish
The weight 20.5 kg
Overall dimensions 299х150 cm

The company "Interdesign" introduces a multifunctional gaming decoration!

Removable changing elements allow you to use this decoration in all-season performances (the seasons of the year are easily changed due to the magnetic elements)

The scenery is two-sided! The second part of the house is the interior, the interior, which changes from Christmas to classic and vice versa.

In some performances, children can imitate the construction of a house (build its outer part by attaching details).

Complete set: house, set of supports, element on magnets for charging seasons and interior (54 psc)

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