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Decoration “Ice-house” (double-sided)
Product Code: 38933
Brand: Interdesign
431.15 $
EXW 172 €
Material natural birch plywood (6 mm), polymer film with picture, protective varnish
The weight 23.8 kg
Overall dimensions 298х179 cm

The Ice-house (double-sided) – is one of the most fantastic house decoration in our Christmas decoration’s collection. During the stage performance you can hide (adult or child) behind the house because of its big sizes.

The opened shutters make the real house atmosphere.

The scenery can be used not only as a background, but also as full-fledged part of stage performance. Real Santa Claus’s house is one of the best winter multifunctional photo zone! The outside is background for holiday costumes, a full-fledged part – for family in bright sweaters, snowmen, fireplace and other winter attributes.

The house is very lightweight (it can be easily moved even by children).

You will be appreciated by:

- natural quality material,

- attractive fairy-tale design,

-convenient storage.

They are easy to store and collect without glue, instruments and screws. In disassembled form, the thickness is only 6mm.

Arrange your individual fairy-tale with our different decorations.

All your ideas, individual projects, decoration can be custom-made! We are going to make your dreams come true.

Complete set: double-sided ice-house, volume element (14 pieces), decoration stand (2 pieces), set of butts.

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