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Decoration “Christmas tree” (double-sided)
Product Code: 38929
Brand: Interdesign
69.58 $
EXW 28 €
Material natural birch plywood (6 mm), polymer film with picture, protective varnish
The weight 3,34 kg
Overall dimensions 75 × 100 cm

Christmas tree is a very bright decoration. It can be used as game equipment, in scenery and like the effective element of photo zone.

Pay attention to this multi-functional decoration. On the one side you will see the Christmas tree, the summer fir-tree - on the other.

You will be appreciated by:

- natural quality material,

- attractive fairy-tail design,

- easy installation,

-convenient storage.

All your ideas, individual projects, decoration can be custom-made! We are going to make your dreams come true.

Complete set: double-sided Christmas tree, decoration stand, double-sided decoration’s element .

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