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Creative kit “Angel Maria”
Product Code: 45684
Brand: Interdesign
3.86 $
Material MDF, wood, safe acrylic paint, satin
The weight 0,3 kg
Overall dimensions 12х18х0,6 cm

The creative kit “Angel Maria”  is a blank and a set of accessories for creating original artwork «Art place»  that can be used in the interior to place drawings, photographs, notes, etc.

Creative sets “Art Place” are made with soul! Wooden blanks are handmade in our creative workshop.

Creative sets “Art Place” unite the family in the process of creating interior solutions for the home.

Also, our creative fixtures look great in kindergartens and development centers, creating an atmosphere of goodness and comfort.

Create with pleasure and create an original and heartwarming interior!

Complete set: wooden blank, sample instruction, accessories for decorative design, ribbon (150 cm), decorative clothespins (5 pcs), weighting compound.

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