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Christmas throne
Product Code: 33610
Brand: Interdesign
228.12 $
EXW 91 €
Material natural birch plywood (6 mm), polymer film with picture, protective varnish
Overall dimensions 146,5 cm х555 cm х 540 cm

Christmas throne– is a very bright functional Christmas decoration for different stage performances. It looks very spectacular on photos and bears the weight of adult with child on his knee.

It is comfortable to keep the throne collapsible - all elements are flat and do not take up much space.

The Christmas throne is ideal for small kindergartens, children's centers and any photo zones.

You will be appreciated by:

- natural quality material,

- attractive fairy-tale design,

- easy installation,

-convenient storage.

They are easy to store and collect without glue, instruments and screws. In disassembled form, the thickness is only 6mm.

Arrange your individual fairy-tale with our different decorations.

All your ideas, individual projects, decoration can be custom-made!

Complete set: 11 elements.

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