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Bilingual nature calendar Flower
Product Code: 00577e
66.35 $
EXW 26 €
Material natural birch plywood, polymer film, protective varnish
The weight 1,6 kg
Overall dimensions 50х50 cm


ü  for studying the main features of every season and month;

ü  for thematic classes about changing of seasons, season fruits, vegetables, flowers, berries, etc.

ü  for leaning information about months in Russian and in English.

 Two ways of using :

1.       Every season has their specific magnetic elements, such as: snowdrop, strawberry, Christmas tree, etc. Due to the game of arranging the elements, child studying the main features of every month and season.

2.       You can change the magnetic elements on magnetic pockets and put their  child’s drawings about months (weather phenomenon, seasonal games, clothing, changes in nature).

 This nature calendar  is able to be produced according to any individual wishes for design

Complete set: nature calendar, 12 magnetic elements, 12 magnetic pockets, spinning arrow, set of accessories for fastening on a wall.

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