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Be Happy “String Art”
Product Code: 45688
Brand: Interdesign
5.28 $
Material Natural birch plywood
The weight 0.7 kg
Overall dimensions 14x20 cm
Сreative sets of the collection "String Art" allow you to create original artwork and use it in the interior to place drawings, photographs, notes, etc.
The “String Art” technique develops attentiveness, perseverance, fine motor skills, abstract thinking, fantasy. The works performed in this technique look great in any interior - both classic and modern.
Creative sets of the “String Art” collection allow you to realize the creative potential of children and adults, this is a way to have fun and a fascinating hobby. You can use the finished craft to create an exhibition of drawings and photographs in the interior of a kindergarten, a developing center, and a room.
The String Art collection is an excellent gift option, both in the form of a creative set, and in the form of already finished work.
Create an atmosphere of kindness and comfort with your own hands!

Complete set: wooden blank, pattern, sample instruction, set of nails, set of floss threads, ribbon (450 cm), decorative clothespins (15 pcs), weighting compound (3 pcs).


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