Designing and furnishing of developing
playing interior for children

About Us

Anna goncharova

Creator, General Director
Mother of two children
Master of Arts
Social Teacher

We design and complete kindergarten interiors with equipment in accordance with the principles of aesthetic education and full personality development. Creative thinking, inner harmony, vivid imagination and communicative skills can be developed in children throw art, aesthetics, and influential environment.Today our design-projects are represented in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria. More than 10 000 are using various equipments by our production now.

Our main features are:

  • the ability to adapt our design project and it's separate parts according to any culture, tradition, training program
  • development of various toolkits in various languages, including bilingual
  • having our own manufactory and design office to develop new products
  • producing premium and budget series goods.

company's idea

With the help of functional equipment and decorative elements we tend to create an unusual creative influential environment in kindergarten, where children would be interested to develop, while playing and communicating with each other.

Our goal

child development and realization of their potential

We are happy to do what we love and make our contribution to our children's development!
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our team

designers constructors

Revskaya Anastasiya
interior designer
Turetskaya Irina
Gutenev Sergey

Sales department

Gaidar Marina
Partner Relationship Manager
Ulyanitskaya Natali
Partner Relationship Manager
Popova Nadegda
Customer Service Manager

Marketing department

Bezverkhna Maryna
Chief of Marketing
Masliy Ekaterina
Fedorenko Konstantin
Marketing expert
Znayun Juliya
Head of Assortment
Shapovalova Elena
Purchasing Manager


Create elements of the influencing interior

Our idea is that with the help of functional equipment and decorative elements to create an unusual, playful, creative, influencing environment for children in which children would be interested in learning and developing, playing and communicating with each other.